After 7 years S+U closed 12/23 \\ thank you for your support!

Whipped Scrubs

Our luxurious whipped soap scrubs work as a cleanser, mild exfoliator and moisturizer all in one.  The fluffy, whipped soap cleanses as it works up a generous lather, the exfoliants (sugar, Pink Himalayan Salt, Black Hawaiian Sea Salt or ground coffee beans) provides a medium exfoliation, the round jojoba beads provide an extremely light and gentle exfoliation that won’t cause tears in your skin and the coconut oil and shea butter will leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

To use: scoop a small amount out of the jar with the provided free spoon, lather over your body and then rinse off.  Don't forget to do a patch test first, especially if you are a new customer and/or have very sensitive skin.