Wholesale & Custom Orders


Interested in carrying Soak + Unwind in your subscription, gift or custom boxes?  Have a retail store we'd be perfect in?  We love working with other small businesses, whether it's here in Arizona or on the other side of the country!

Send an email to soakandunwind@gmail.com to get started.  Please include your store name, website, IG handle, how you found us and a brief description about your business.



If you would like a custom order, please email me at soakandunwind@gmail.com or by using the Contact form on the website and we can work out the details. 

There is no overall minimum order requirement, you could order just one item if you wanted, but I do have a product size minimum of 8oz per scent. 
For example, if you want both an aloe lotion and bath salts scented in Bubble Gum Machine you would need to order a minimum of 8oz in aloe lotion and a minimum of 8oz in bath salts. This could come in the form of one 8oz jar/bottle or two 4oz jars/bottles for each product. The overall minimum per product and scent just needs to be 8oz. 

The shipping is our regular rate, which varies by country and state. See the FAQ page for info on shipping rates. There will be an additional shipping charge if I don't have the fragrance oil in stock, but you will be told beforehand whether I have it in stock or not. If I don't have it in stock and you still want that scent I will let you know how much the shipping cost is to get the oil from the manufacturer. 

Look forward to working with you!

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