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Bakery Bag Samples

This listing is for 8 or 10 (see each specific listing below) 10ml soap/scrub (occasionally, also lotion) samples that come packaged in a window bakery bag.  The majority of the soap/scrub bags will usually be soap samples.

Each bag will contain 8 or 10 different scents. If multiple bags are ordered there is no guarantee that every scent will be different.  The mixed scent bags are generally from the current and previous restock as well as extras from recent custom orders. 

This is offered at a discount as a way to try many of our scents before purchasing the larger sizes!

Check out the drop down list to see which variety of bags are available.


* See main soap, scrub and lotion listings for full product description and ingredients

* If you are allergic to certain scents we don't recommend purchasing this. Alternatively, you can leave us a note at checkout letting us know the one scent you are allergic to and we will do our best to accommodate you.


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