The following scents will be restocked on Saturday the 15th at 9am PT.  Pictures will be posted restock week on our Instagram page @soakandunwind

A Royal Affair - Jo Malone, English Pear & Freesia Type: Ripe pears, fresh white freesias, rose, amber, lemon and bergamot  {Available in: Whipped Soap & Bath Crumbles}

Beach Linens - Herbal, floral and citrus notes, clean cotton infused with natural essential oils of orange, parsley leaf and patchouli  {Available in: Whipped Soap & Bath & Shower Gel}

Blackberry Mint Spritzer - Blackberries, mint leaves and effervescents  {Available in: Whipped Soap & Body Mist}

Bubble Gum Machine - Sweet and juicy bubble gum  {Available in: Whipped Soap & Bath Crumbles}

Clementine Lavender - Herbal french lavender, sweet clementine, tangerine, bergamot and Italian lemon  {Available in: Whipped Soap & Soaking Salts}

Coffee Treats - Starbuck’s, Coffee Ice Cream type: Buttery cream, Brazilian coffee, brown sugar, cocoa powder and vanilla  {Available in: Whipped Coffee Scrub & Bath & Shower Gel}

Kimono Flower - Jasmine petals, mandarin, bergamot, raspberry, ylang ylang, gardenia and pink orchid  {Available in: Whipped Soap & Bath Salts}

Komodo Island - Yankee, Pink Sands type: Bright citrus, juicy fruit, sweet florals and fresh greens  {Available in: Whipped Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub & Soaking Salts}

Lavender Marshmallow - A sweet mouthwatering treat of lavender and marshmallow  {Available in: Whipped Soap & Body Mist}

Mermaid Kiss - Florals, sea salt, ocean mist, sea moss, geranium flower, earthy vetiver, mint and cedarwood  {Available in: Whipped Soap & Bath Salts}

Pink Sugar - Sweet berries, fig leaves, licorice, orange and cotton candy  {Available in: Whipped Soap & Bath Crumbles}

Zen Mode - Fresh peppermint, spearmint and sugar crystals  {Available in: Whipped Soap & Bath Crumbles}